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Seeds are $2.50/packet. I am a very small seed business. I do this by myself, with a little help from one friend. I do not have equal quantities of all of the seeds listed. I may have only 3 packets of some seeds because they are very, very hard to extract from the mother plant. I may have 50+ packets of others. I have a 10-pack minimum order. Remember that there is a different quantity of each kind of seed.  When they are gone, they are gone.  There won’t be any more until next year, if ever.  This is a very small operation.

Shops that carry the seeds include:

  • Singing Spindle Spinnery (by contacting me, Carol Collins, and also in my Roadside Stand from April to October), South Duxbury, Vermont
  • Vee’s Flower and Garden Shop in Waitsfield, Vermont
  • Roots Farm Market in Middlesex, Vermont
  • Old Mill Craftshop in Jericho, Vermont

  • Anise-Hyssop (perennial) Beautiful blue flowers.  Wonderful herb tea from leaves and flowers.
  • Arugula (annual, self-sows) May be cut several times while young. Can be left to self-sow.
  • Aster (perennial)  Tall, Late Fall Blooming
  • Balloon Flower  (perennial)  Campanula   A beautiful blue flower.
  • Basil  (perennial herb) Multiple culinary uses.  You can even make an herb tea with Basil leaves.
  • Bee Balm (perennial) Maroon.  Wonderful for attracting birds and bees. Wonderful herb tea!
  • Blazing Star (Liatris) (perennial) Tall blooming purple spikes.
  • Borage (annual, self-sows) small blue edible flowers.
  • Buttercup (perennial)   Lovely addition to bouquets, becomes naturalized.
  • Calendula (annual, self-sows) Edible flowers for healing oil, salve, salads, or herb tea.
  • Catmint (perennial) blue flowering spikes, herb tea and gift for cats.
  • Chives (perennial herb, self-sows) Edible flowers. Can be used in soups/salads/dressings + more.
  • Common Daisy (perennial, self-sows) Easy to grow. I love the common daisy especially because it self-sows and will bloom twice if you cut it back. Great in bouquets.
  • Coreopsis  (perennial)  Yellow flowers keep blooming for a very long time 
  • Cranesbill   (perennial) Fuschia-colored bloom. Flourishes when it is happy where you place it.
  • Dianthus  (perennial) Bright Pink  Once established comes back year after year.
  • Dianthus  (perennial) Pale Pink  Once established, comes back year after year.
  • Dill   (annual herb, self-sows) Has many uses for seeds + greens.
  • Edamame  (Soybeans) (annual) Wonderful easy-to-grow vegetable. Start early after frost. 
  • Elecampane  Yellow Flowers  tall, lovely flowers
  • Evening Primrose   (perennial) Yellow flowers, easy to grow, spreads nicely  
  • Feverfew    (herb)  White flowers with a yellow center. Valued for helping headaches
  • Foxglove (biennial) Mixed colors. Tall spikes/lovely in bouquets.
  • Garlic bulbills (perennial) tiny bulbs made the year before. Can be planted indoors for garlic greens, or outdoors in the spring to grow garlic bulbs.
  • Garlic seeds (perennial) can be planted in pots or in garden for cutting green shoots. Will grow into full bulbs given enough time.
  • Gladiola Corms Mixed Colors. Corms are baby Gladiola bulbs which will develop into full-sized Gladiola bulbs that will bloom.  It takes a few years depending upon the size of the corms for them to become blooming size.  We lift in the fall/plant in the spring.
  • Globe Thistle – Perennial lavender flower    
  • Ground Cherries/Husk Cherries  (annual, self-sows) Sweet berries. Self-sow, but may be best to start indoors for a longer season.  In the garden they will self-sow, but they require a longer season.
  • Hollyhocks (biennial) Black Blooms  A tall stately flower.
  • Hollyhocks (biennial) Deep Pink  A tall, stately plant that enriches the area it inhabits. The first year you get the plant, the second you get the blooms. 
  • Lupine (biennial, self-sows) Purple, pink, white, and combinations.
  • Lychnis (perennial) (Catch-fly, Campion)  Packs a powerful punch and is an easy plant to grow.
  • Marigold  (annual) Orange color,  known to self-sow if space/situation permits.
  • Marigold (annual) Yellow colors. Start ahead if you’re able.
  • Mexican Sunflower (Tritonia) (annual) Beautiful bright orange flowers. Great as cut flowers.
  • Morning Glory  Heavenly Blue  (annual) Beautiful larger blooms.
  • Morning Glory Purple flowering (annual, self-sows) plant that climbs and blooms all summer long. I dig up the babies and transplant where I want them.
  • Mustard Greens early, hardy, self sows, pungent, great in salads when young  
  • Onions, Egyptian Multiplier (perennial)  Once you establish these in your garden you may never need onions again.  You can harvest them as scallions or mature onions.  Best used in April, May, June.  
  • Pansy/Johnny Jumps Ups/Viola-a seed mix, multi-colors-hardy annuals
  • Pepper, Sweet Green Bell Excellent for garden. Start early
  • Pepper, Sweet Red  It’s best to start the seeds early indoors.
  • Petunia (annual) Mixed colors, many different colors.  Start early and transplant outdoors.
  • Purple Coneflower (Echinacea Purpea) (perennial) Fuchsia-colored healing herb.
  • Purple Coneflower (Echinacea Purpea) (perennial) Shorter, Extra Bright Fuscia Hybrid
  • Red with bronze leaf (Lychnis x haageana) (perennial)   Beautiful red blooms (18” tall).
  • Rose Campion  (perennial) Fuchsia-colored flowers with gray-green fuzzy foliage
  • Rose Mallow (perennial) Pink flowers/demulcent  Beautiful flowers, long blooming period.  Flowers are soothing to sore throats when winter colds present. Self-sows, can be cut back and will re-grow and can bloom again.
  • Rudbekia Gloriosa Daisy (perennial) Absolutely wonderful, so many different looks within the variety
  • Rudbekia Goldsturm (perennial) Bright and cheerful.  Always blooms in August and Sept. Greatly improves the appearance of any planting.
  • Rudbekia  (Triloba)  (perennial) Beautiful, easy to grow, self-sows
  • Siberian Iris  (perennial) White  Once established it’s wonderful addition to the garden
  • Spinach Loves the cold and cooler days and times of the year.  Plant in the spring and in the fall.
  • Streptocarpus (houseplant)  Purple Beautiful Houseplant. tiny seeds, be careful to not lose them  
  • Sunflower (annual) For cut flowers/many colorations and size variations.
  • Sweet Cicely (perennial) Makes a nice bush. Self Sows.
  • Tansy   (perennial)  yellow flower  has many practical uses/ant deterrent
  • Tulsi Tea  (Holy Basil) (annual) Wonderful herb tea!
  • Yellow Wax Beans  (annual)  our favorite garden bean
  • Zinnias (annual) Small variety can self-sow. Plant seeds in the garden after frost.
  • Zinnia  (Mexican)  (annual)  (multi-color) small variety.

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Keep the Love Growing

I include a free copy of this poem I wrote in every seed order.

These seeds are from
plants I nurtured and grew. 
When the plants were mature, 
I harvested, dried, packed,
and gave these seeds to you.
Plant and nurture.
Collect the seeds 
and give to others,
to keep the love growing.