Herb Tea

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This is Carol’s organic herbal tea, which is a special blend. The photos below show the different ingredients of the tea, and information about each of the different stages.

After I bring the herbs in from the gardens, I tie them and hang them in a dark hallway where they need to dry for several weeks. The next step is to remove the leaves from the stem.

Many hours are spent picking the leaves and petals carefully from the plants and drying them on paper towels or in paper bags. It takes a lot of time to separate them from the seeds which we don’t use in the tea.  We plant the seeds to makemore flowers.

Calendula is included and is a healing herb.

There are Rose Petals that I picked from Rose bushes that I started in 1973. They are a beautiful variety of roses that I cherish. Every year they bloom more beautifully. My friend, Erika vonTrapp gave me a shovelful 47 years ago and I love incorporating these roses into this herb tea. Rose petals are very healing in many ways. I love the smell and the subtle taste.

Next I use large layers of clean, brown paper to line my largest basket made in Viet Nam, so that the finely-ground pieces of herbs won’t be lost through the cracks in the basket. This will become my mixing basket. I will combine all the herbs in here and gently mix them so that when I package them, all of the different herbs will be represented in every bag of tea.

Finally all of the herbs are mixed and ready to be packaged. I believe the Calendula and Rose petals make the tea beautiful, healthy and tasty.