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  • Appreciating Gardens
    We are not good at seeing how lovely our own gardens are.  Sometimes it takes an outsider to help us see the beauty of our own gardens.  
  • Compost Pile Surprises
    This compost pile grew a lot of wonderful vegetables which made some great and healthy meals for my household. 
  • Memory Gardens
    One way to help us deal with a love one’s death is to create a garden to honor that person.  This article tells you how and why I do it.
  • Seed Saving for Fun and Profit
    Saving your own seeds can save you money because you don’t have to buy so many.  If you save enough that you can also sell them, you are earning money. It’s also fun. In this article, I tell you how I do it.  
  • Raising Rugged Rhubarb
    I’ve raised Organic Rhubarb here for 48 years!  Customers buy it from me, by my garden beside Route 100.  I also sell it at a local grocery store, and to restaurants in my area. It is very large and healthy. Many buy it, but also ask how I do it.  So I wrote an article to teach people how to grow great Rhubarb, themselves.
  • The Fiddler in the Woods
    This is a very short story about a magical evening with an amazingly talented person. 
  • I Love to Grow Onions
    There are many different kinds of plants in the onion family. Over the years I’ve learned enough to share with others about what kinds I recommend and why and best practices to be as successful as possible.
  • Growing Marvelous Garlic in Vermont
    There are many varieties and ways of growing garlic. After growing garlic for man-years, preparing it for storage and storing it through the winter months, and using it in some form every day I have learned a lot that I love sharing with others.  
  • A Shovel Full of Roses
    I have a wonderful Rose bush variety that I’m telling the world about and that it’s easy  to grow.  I tell you the story of where I got it and I tell you everything I know about growing it.
  • Comfrey:  Dastardly Weed or Amazing Soil Builder?
    I have studied with professors, herbalists, done a lot of reading and experimenting to learn about Comfrey and I’m ready to share it, now.
  • Memories of Adele Dawson, Herbalist, Marshfield, Vermont
    Adele was my friend and I also studied with her.  She was an amazing herbalist and I learned so much from her that it positively affected my whole life.  I’d like to share my memories of her with you.
  • Winston Conrad’s Butternuts
    Winston was a friend of ours in Moretown, Vermont.  He passed away years ago.  He was famous for picking, drying, soaking, cracking-open and selling Butternuts.  I can’t tell you how wonderful they tasted, but the story of how he did this is special because I never knew anyone else, in our time, who figured out how to do it.
  • Creating A Pond Garden
    In 2008 I began preparing for our daughter’s wedding that was going to be the following summer.  I set out to create a special place where they could get married, right next to our pond.  In the process I learned a few things.  There are several photos included in this one.
  • My Gardening Mentors
    I attribute most of my knowledge to the gardeners that I learned from.  I love to tell people about who I learned from and what I learned from them.  All that is in this article.