I keep learning everyday and love to share what I know with others! Please consider one of my classes.

All classes will be arranged via email between the prospective student and Carol. We will discuss the class and arrange the day, time, # of hours, fee, etc. In most cases my hourly fee is $15. Most classes are two to four hours long. I do make exceptions. Intensives can be arranged. We have wonderful local inns and I can provide those names and contact info to you, should you wish to take a class that runs for more than a day.

If you would like to take a class, please email me. I do accept PayPal.

Learn to Spin on the Drop Spindle

I love teaching people to spin on the drop spindle, because this simple device allows me to break the steps of spinning down into the individual steps which then transfer to spinning at the wheel smoothly. An advantage of learning on a spindle is that it’s very inexpensive and you can take it with you when you travel. It allows you to spin anywhere. Spinning at a spinning wheel has its own advantages, and you can see more about spinning on a wheel lower down on this page.

Spinning Classes

I create a class to match where you are and what you want to learn. We can start at the very beginning with washing wool, carding it, and spinning, or we can begin with plying if you already know how to spin. It’s possible for us to work on intermediate or advanced techniques. Each class will match your needs.

Children’s Classes

I offer classes for all ages, including children. The most important thing is that the child has interest in learning to spin.

Gardening 101

You do not have to be at any particular level to benefit from this class. First we’ll spend some time in my shop and studio or on the deck talking about what kind of gardens you want to create or what gardens you have that you’d like to improve. Then we’ll take a tour of my own gardens that I have been working here since 1972. You’ll be able to ask any questions and I’ll answer all that I can. I’ll share some of my tips and secrets and I’ll reference the work of others. I’ll share with you how to gain access to my gardening articles. The class can range from 2-4 hours depending upon what is needed and/or wanted, and the time I have available.


I teach how to hand-make little blank books which can be given as gifts or used to keep one’s thoughts, poems or notes. All the materials are included.

A class in bookmaking can take 2-4 hours depending upon the size, # of pages and amount of time available.

Dye Classes with Plants & Commercial Dyes

This is a pot of Goldenrod which I’m cooking to make yellow dye.  I teach dye classes using plants and commercial dyes.  Almost every year I do at least one session of dyeing with Goldenrod and have taught many people how to do it, over the years.  Each summer I dye yarn, wool, mohair or other animal fibers, using Goldenrod which grows wild and free all around us, at least in the Northeastern United States. It is a permanent dye and there is a range of shades we can get from it, depending when we pick and which parts of the plant we use.  You can contact me to set up a class to dye with Goldenrod when it’s in bloom, which is usually July or August in Vermont.

Make Your Own Felted Balls

Using washed, carded wool for cores, and washed, dyed, carded multi-colored wool for wrapping the outer layers, we will learn how to make felted balls using soap, water, and our hands to agitate the fibers. Materials will be supplied.

Pizza Weaving

Using circular looms and yarns, we will create a circular weaving which we can turn into a wall hanging, a table decoration, a hot mat. 

With more work later, one can make a pillow, a hat, or a pocketbook.

Recycled Sweater Hats

Bring an old sweater and we will share with each other and create a hat from the old sweaters. This is one of my former students modeling a hat I made from parts of two old wool sweaters.  Keep in mind that there are many hat designs we can make.  It doesn’t have to look like this one!  I love making something new from something old that might otherwise get thrown away.  We need to allow about 3 hours.  You can bring an old sweater or two or more to take parts of.  If you don’t have a sweater you can cut up, ask me and I might have a spare. Currently I charge $15.00 per hour for my teaching time.

How to Spin Anything and Everything

I welcome all ages and abilities to this class. We will spin on wheels and drop spindles. I will bring a few wheels and many spindles. Bring your own spindle and/or wheel if you have a favorite and are able. I will supply a fiber packet for each person who has pre-registered for the class, and the cost of that will be included in your class fee. A fiber packet is not guaranteed for those who register at the event. I encourage everyone to bring any kind of fiber that you have and any questions about spinning.

Perhaps you think your yarn is over twisted, weak or breaks often. Perhaps you want more control over the diameter. I will do spinning demonstrations using fiber that individuals have questions about and fibers from the packet. I will happily give you advice about yarns which you bring to show me. I guarantee that you will go home with a lot more knowledge of and experience with spinning than when you came.