Garden Products

Please click on the image to view the description. Prices for flower arrangements depend on the bouquet! These products do not ship and must be picked up.

To purchase, please visit my purchasing page and let me know what you would like to order. I do accept PayPal.

In the spring and summer, at the roadside stand or by contacting me individually, I have: Cut Flowers, Potted Perennials, Rhubarb, Jerusalem Artichokes, Lavender Bunches and Prepared Horseradish.

Please remember that every item that grows has a season, and not all of these garden products are available in every season.  Please contact me for availability.

All summer long and until late in the fall, I sell individual cut-flowers, and I make cut-flower bouquets. The flowers I use depend upon the season and what is blooming, and the gardens I designed and cut from, are always changing. It is exciting for me to combine the flowers for these bouquets.

Many times people call or e-mail requesting particular arrangements. I am happy to do the best I can to please my customers. I appreciate having 1-3 days notice when the bouquet is needed for a particular event. I am not equipped to ship flowers. My customers pay cash before or when they pick up the flowers or bouquet.

Each spring, I cut thousands of Daffodils, Jonquils and Narcissus to sell by the roadside at my Roadside Stand at 701 VT Route 100, in South Duxbury, Vermont.  People pay using an ‘Honors System’ and love being trusted.  I love selling cut flowers, because especially Daffodils, make everyone, of every age, feel happy!