Play Page (Copy – do not edit)

Hi Carol! This is a sample page for you to mess around with. You can click “Preview” in the upper right-hand corner in order to view the changes you make. The changes won’t be saved unless you click the bright blue “Publish” button in the upper right-hand corner.

This right here is a text block, or a “paragraph” block. It’s what you will use for most of the text on your website. You can make text bold, or italicized, or use the chain to insert a link to another page. You just click here and start typing, or click here and backspace to delete text. When you move your mouse you will see the menu up above that offers the B for bold, I for italic, etc. You will also see some options over to your right.

Feel free to start experimenting!

This is a heading 1 block. You don’t want to use this one at all because it is really reserved for page titles in other templates, and not necessary here.

This is heading 2. You can use this any time it seems appropriate. It adds emphasis and is meant as a heading before a paragraph of text

This is heading 3. A less prominent heading before a paragraph of text.

This is heading 4, and so on…

Heading 5
Heading 6

Below is an image gallery with some random images. You can click on them and see what is there to explore. Try adding a photo from your computer to this gallery by scrolling down and clicking “upload an image.”

Try changing it to a bunch of squares instead of the “masonry” style you see here now by clicking any image and toggling the options that appear to the right.

Below is a button. Try changing the text on the button or changing where the button links to.

Here is another gallery to experiment with. This one is using squares instead of the “masonry” style. Try changing the order of them, or delete some images from the gallery, or change the caption by changing the text in “title”.

Here is another text block. Try clicking on the blue plus sign in the upper left-hand corner to add some other things and mess around with this page. But you really should be able to do everything you need to do with just paragraph blocks, header blocks, and with an understanding of how the gallery works.

Remember, you can click “Preview” at any time to view your changes. If you don’t wish to save your changes, then simply navigate away from this page or close it. And to save the changes, click on “Publish”.